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Q – Does it fit in my car and can it be shipped?

A – CatVantage is packaged in a box that is 22” x 18.5” x 5” and only weighs 24 pounds. Ground shipment with the 48 U.S. states is less than $30.

Q - How difficult is it to build CatVantage?

A -  The fastest build we’ve timed is under 11 minutes!  Someone new to the product should allow for 30 to 45 minutes.

Q – Will it fit in my room?

A – The standard kit is designed for 8-foot ceilings and adjusts from 91.5" to 101" (233cm to 256cm). Ceilings higher than 101" can be used by adding expansion kits in 7-inch increments all the way up to 10 feet.

Q – Do I have to attach it to my ceiling or to my floor?

A – Yes and No! CatVantage uses a spring to provide enough pressure on the ceiling to keep it in place without causing damage. We also provide neoprene pads to maintain friction on the floor and ceiling. So, CatVantage works fine all on its own, BUT we recommend using the provided anchors for permanent location in your home.

Q – Can it be setup in a room with textured ceilings or tiled floors?

A – Yes! The neoprene pads keep it from slipping and help it to conform with irregular surfaces.

Q – Is CatVantage available for rooms with ceilings lower than 91.5”  ?

A – Yes! DesignWerks can produce custom sized units for your needs. We have some customers using them in mobile homes for cats that like the open road.

Q – What tools do I need to build CatVantage?

A – Only a standard #2 size Phillips screwdriver (1/4" diameter) is required. The package contains a light use double-ended box wrench and an Allen hex key.

Q – Is there a “freestanding” model.

A – Not yet!  However, we plan to offer a short version with a larger base for those with very high ceilings or older cats that don’t like being so high.

Q – Are there different color choices for the carpet or the pole segments.

A – At the moment, we only offer the tan colored plastic with the light brown carpet. We can offer a light silver carpet as a special order and the pole segments can be painted with special products like Krylon’s Fusion Spray Paint.

Q – Can I assemble it with the loft platform near the middle or get it with additional lofts.

A – Currently only the top loft configuration is being shipped.  We are planning versatile loft placement for future versions and these options will be retrofit able to older units.

Q – Can CatVantage be taken apart if I move.

A – Yes. It can be fully disassembled and reassembled as needed.

Q – One of my cats is extremely large and heavy. Can the steps and loft handle large cats?

A – The steps can handle up to 50 pounds.

Q –  How large is the loft?

A – The loft is an oval shape that is roughly 24" long by 15" wide and provides enough space for a large cat to lay down and sleep.