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The version Leia is climbing up & down is pre-production model

CatVantage currently ships with only a single loft that has an oval area that is roughly 15 by 24 inches. An optional small loft that has an area that is roughly 12 by 20 inches. This optional loft area is designed to be located in place of one of the mid-size steps just under the normal loft. Replacing a medium step upon the initial order with a small loft is $21.


This animation shows how CatVantage is assembled. The images in the lower left show the close-up of parts being installed, while the image on the right shows the entire unit as is progresses from the floor to the ceiling. After the 9th step, the loft and adjuster are built, then added to the main unit. (This assembly speed is 68 times faster than the normal 40 minute assembly time.)