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Once in a while, somebody gets it right. They understand something so well that they can describe what they see and feel in a brief statement.

We applaud author Chris Colin for his concise statements on the problems with traditional cat furniture.  Below is an excerpt from his October 11th, 2007  New York Times article in the Home & Garden section:

Good Design, Happy Cats?   by Chris Colin

"YOU love your cat. Look at him, conked out, nose glistening, such an innocent. You know what you should do, and love takes you as far as the pet store. But love has limits, and here they are: the Kitty Condo; the Jungle Club House; Tree Mansion. You paw idly at the synthetic carpeting, the inevitably beige tiers. He’d be ecstatic. The gods of interior design would not."

“The color, the texture, the shape, the scale — those things are just all wrong”

"Cat trees are ghastly. So it is a simple but profound — maybe even existential — dilemma that has dogged kitty lovers for ages:  Happy pet or stylish pad?"

This article is worth a read and goes on to mention some competing products, but none with CatVantage's features.

We contacted Chris Colin following the publication of his article to make him aware of CatVantage.   His exact response to us  -  "I love the CatVantage!"

A big thank you to Chris for his insight and kind words...

The complete article can be found at:

NY Times Home & Garden